Childrens Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry

At RESTORE, we are experts in Children’s Dentistry. We have a dedicated Paediatric Dentistry specialist who is a Consultant at the Birmingham Dental Hospital. They are able to provide a truly comprehensive and gentle service. Our state-of-the-art Specialist dental practice in Barnt Green has a child focused dentist who makes the visit fun for the kids.

Children always come first: we believe in providing early high-quality dental care to your children, so that they are dentally fit at adulthood. We will ensure, they have a fun-filled dental experience that they will be able to reflect in a positive way in years to come.

Investing on your child: Often minor dental issues during childhood gets unnoticed that often becomes a major dental problem later on life. Your children being looked after by an expert children dentistry specialist, we can’t stress enough how such little things will avoid future pain and complexity.


  • Inhalation sedation is available to help your child to relax during dental treatment. It is also knows as ‘laughing gas’ and is delivered through a small nasal mask. It is very safe, has no side effects and your child remains fully conscious throughout the treatment.
  • IV Sedation is also offered if a child can’t manage treatment through other methods. It is safe and delivered through our expert team.
Prevent Decay

Prevent Decay

More than 25% of five-year-olds in England have tooth decay and more than 45,000 kids had teeth extracted in hospital in 2018. The sad thing is that this can be entirely preventable with a few simple changes in habits!

We’ll provide a gentle polish to help introduce your child to hygiene visits.

We’ll also discuss diet and nutrition, ways of preventing tooth decay, and ideas for healthy drinks and snacks so your child doesn’t become a statistic!

Personalised Oral Care at
the Toothbrushing Academy

When children turn three years old they graduate from Toothbrushing Academy to full hygiene appointments and will have a graduation ceremony, your child will get a certificate, medal and a photo taken in a graduation gown. These happy memories and sense of achievement helps your child look forward to their dental appointments and prevent fears and phobias!

You and your child will also go away with personalised oral care advice and any “tooth selfies” we’ve taken with our intraoral camera.

Personalised Oral Care

Our fun-filled environment puts children immediately at ease and ensures they look forward to their appointments. If needed, treated could be provided under sedation (happy gas).

Our Paediatric dental team led by consultant is built on providing quality dental care from simple to complex cases including dental trauma, catering specifically for children.

We are proud to be a referral center and will take Paediatric dental referrals from local and regional areas around Birmingham and Worcestershire.

How are Fees paid?

At your initial visit a plan of treatment will be devised and fees determined.

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